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TLG New York is a full-service design firm executing visionary transformations of residential and corporate interiors and exteriors across the U.S.


Every project we accept holds meaning. From bath and kitchen remodeling to sweeping renovations and interior design, TLG elevates purpose and partnership, serving as attentive creative advisors and fierce client advocates.


Placing the individual or family at the center, TLG focuses on creating complete, evocative spaces. This approach delivers a sophisticated response to needs and taste and opens the door for wrap-around specialty offerings, like art advisory, that weave a deeper sense of texture and individuality into every design.

Signature Services 


  • Bespoke Residential and Commercial Design: TLG is renowned for its custom residential and commercial design, transforming visions into reality. From luxurious whole-house makeovers to tailored commercial and office spaces, the firm's approach is deeply rooted in understanding client needs, allowing for the meticulous crafting of spaces that exceed expectations.


  • Specialized Services for a Tailored Experience:

    • Home Styling: TLG elevates living spaces by blending comfort with elegance, creating environments that reflect personal style and distinction.

    • Art Advising: The firm assists in selecting art and creating collections that meaningfully enhance spaces, ensuring each piece contributes to the narrative of the environment.

    • Project Management

At the heart of TLG's philosophy is the conviction that every space should narrate a story—specifically, the client's story. This philosophy ensures a deeply collaborative process, with every detail, from the overarching concept to the smallest design elements, reflecting the client's desires.

Custom Kitchen Design
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